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Custom Design T-Shirt & Apparel Printing in Kansas City

Designing your own, customized shirts can be a bit of a headache, that’s why we are here to help you through the process! At Rival Screen Printing we understand the hassle of finding the right style, color, design, and printing company. Every day we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are taken care of, and to see to it that their designs are executed to perfection.

Unlike other print shops, Rival Screen Printing can guarantee that whatever you order will be delivered to you within three business days. Whether you order five shirts or five hundred hoodies, we will have them at your doorstep on time, as promised, every time. While this may sound like an exaggerated claim, we can assure you that not only will you have your order quick, but we will also accept your returns- free of charge, no questions asked.

You might be asking yourself how we can afford to do business this way; after all, you get what you pay for, right? Wrong! Our shirts are cheap, too! Of all the places to find custom design t-shirt and apparel printing in Kansas City, our prices are seriously low. Whether you are looking for silkscreen printing, something oversized, or a ringer t-shirt with a vintage look, we have it all and we make it fast and affordable. Rival Screen Printing was designed with the customer in mind, and we make t-shirt miracles happen every day.

So, let’s recap. We can print any design you want, on any style shirt that you want, in any color you want, and we can get it to you within three days at an awesome low price. Even if you have no idea what kind of design you want or what color to pick, our team of in-house artists can figure it out for you- all you have to do is pick up the phone or send us an inquiry. It’s that easy! Contact us today to start creating your vision, and we’ll see you in a couple days!